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Chinese New Year 2019 Quotes and Messages

  • Wish you luck in the Year of the PIG (2019)
  • Wish you luck in the Year of the DOG (2018)
  • May all your wishes come true
  • May you be happy and prosperous
  • Happy New Year, I wish you good health and lasting prosperity.
  • Best wishes for the holidays and happiness throughout the New Year.
  • Good health, good luck and much happiness throughout the year.
  • gōngzhù jiànkāng, xìngyùn, xīnnián kuàilè.
  • Wish you luck in the Year of the Sheep (or Goat)


chinese new year of pig 2019 images

chinese new year of pig 2019 images

chinese new year of pig 2019 images

Best Chinese new year images 2019

chinese new year of pig 2019 images

chinese new year of pig 2019 images

chinese new year of pig 2019 images

chinese new year 2019 images

chinese new year 2019 images

chinese new year 2019

chinese new year 2019

chinese new year of pig 2019 images

Happy Chinese New year of pig images 2019

Chinese New Year is additionally known as “Spring Festival” and “Lunar New Year 2019” as a result of it comes within the time of year and is dated supported the Chinese calendar. The date fluctuates, from a Western perspective, however comes in either Gregorian calendar month or Feb.

Each Chinese New Year is selected as “the year of“ one in every of the twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac, that animal is meant to characterize that year and every one those born in it.

Chinese New Year is that the most vital annually continual pageant for folks of Chinese ancestry everywhere the planet. it’s been celebrated for over one,000 years – probably for much longer, and also the traditions concerned ar deeply implanted in Chinese culture. For many, it’s additionally a spiritual vacation, choked with prayers, offerings, and alternative acts of devotion.

In Asian country, as elsewhere, folks brace oneself for Chinese New Year well ahead. homes ar clean out completely before it arrives to “sweep out any unhealthy luck,” however brooms ar hidden away on New Year’s Day for concern of “sweeping away the great luck” that the arrival of a replacement year brings.

New garments, to be worn on New Year’s Day, and an oversized stash of food for brand new Year’s Eve dinner, also are purchased ahead, creating the searching centres terribly busy this point of year. salutation cards also are ordinarily changed.

Chinese New Year is really celebrated for fifteen consecutive days, however the primary 3 days ar most vital. The fifteenth and final day, Chap Goh apricot is additionally a giant event, wherever homes ar adorned with associate abundance of bright colored lights. it’s how of ending with a grand finale instead of the festivities simply dwindling away step by step.

On the eve before the primary day of the New Year, family-only dinners and reunions ar control. On the next days, however, several can invite friends and outright strangers to come back dine with them. This “open house” policy is additionally practiced throughout alternative Malaysian holidays and at massive public Chinese New Year gatherings placed on at Malaysian community halls. It mustn’t be laborious to urge invited to a celebration.

Other Chinese New Year traditions include: “Yee herbaceous plant,” a vegetable musical composition dish consumed by throwing its items high within the air with chopsticks to bring sensible luck; hanging up “duilian,” scrolls bearing far-famed lines kind Chinese poetry; attending lion and dragon dances; depending on card games, see you later because the bets ar modest; giving out gifts of cash in little red ang-pao packages; and attending fireworks displays, {the biggest|the most important|the massivest} of that ar in Chinese districts of Malaysian capital and in cities with large Chinese populations.

Chinese New Year Food

The Chinese Reunion dinner is one in every of the foremost vital components throughout Chinese New Year. The reunion dinner that is endured the eve of recent Year may be a time wherever families gather over associate extravagant meal with numerous noise and laughter.

Food plays associate integral role for the Chinese in addition as most Malaysians. Hence, throughout the reunion dinner, one are able to see all varieties of dishes on the table together with the far-famed Yee herbaceous plant, stir-fry leeks, stick cakes et al.

Yee Sang

A traditional dish, Yee herbaceous plant includes of thinly sliced preserved vegetables, strips of raw fish (usually salmon), alternative sauces and condiments like ground peanuts. This dish is additionally referred to as the Teochew-style raw fish dish. the popular apply is that everybody gathers round the table to toss the ingredients high within the air whereas exclamation well desires and joyful exclamations of what they hope for within the coming back year. the importance of the toss symbolizes a rise in abundance, prosperity and every one delicacies. Some folks believe that the upper you toss the salad; the additional delicacies can come back your approach.


Vegetable in Yue dialect is “choy” that rhymes with ‘wealth’. Hence, contemporary vegetables ar importance to the Chinese particularly throughout gay celebrations. Leek, or “suan” in Yue dialect rhymes with “counting and planning”. it’s one in every of the foremost fashionable and must-have vegetable for Chinese New Year as a result of the power to count and set up is very important to the Chinese United Nations agency ar celebrated permanently business skills and judgments.

“The receptacle of Togetherness”

Preserved kumquats, coconut, longans, red melon seeds, lotus seeds and peanuts ar a number of the candies that frame “The receptacle of Togetherness”. There ar typically eight compartments to the receptacle as eight may be a symbolic variety representing prosperity. Hence, eight differing types of candies ar served or given as gifts. These candies represent all sensible things: kumquats for prosperity, red melon seeds for happiness, coconut for closeness and sweets for a sweet and made life for the approaching year. The receptacle of closeness are a few things you’ll see in most of the homes if not each house you visit.


Sticky Cake

Sticky Cake is additionally referred to as “nian gao” which implies ‘year cake’ once translated. because the name suggests, the cake is sticky because it is formed of pasty rice flour, refined sugar and oil. “Gao”, that sounds kind of like the word ‘tall or high’, symbolizes that one can reach new heights and move forward whether or not in business or life generally within the coming back year. Some folks steam these sticky cakes with white benne seeds or red dates as dates ar celebrated to bring early prosperity. The sweetness during this cake symbolizes lifetime of richness and sweetness and also the form signifies reunion that is that the essence of Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year Decorations

Decorations play an enormous role as a part of hospitable and celebrating Chinese New Year. many weeks before the celebration annually, streets are superbly adorned with lanterns of all sizes, Chinese homes dressed-up with vases of pretty cherry blossoms, pussy willows and happy hand-written couplets. this is often a time stuffed with a lot of joy and excitement because the Chinese prepare to welcome the New Year. These decorations ar place up annually and most families keep them within the house even once the celebration to inaugurate sensible luck and prosperity throughout the year.

The lamp is one in every of the foremost outstanding symbols of Chinese New Year. the thought of lanterns is to make an energetic and cheerful setting because the full phase of the moon seems within the bright sky. that’s why on the fifteenth day of Chinese New Year, additionally referred to as the lamp pageant, the Chinese gather to carry up vibrant lanterns at midnight. The lamp was once used as a supply of sunshine, but today, folks have these lanterns as lamp shades or ornamental things for his or her interiors. they are available all told varieties of sizes, shapes and colours; but, the foremost common would still be the red spherical lamp that you’ll currently see nearly everyplace throughout Chinese New Year.

Cherry Blossoms/ Pussy Willows

The Chinese believe that there’ll be no fruits while not flowers; thence, it’s vital to possess flowers and plants as decorations throughout Chinese New Year. Plants signify growth and flowers symbolize wealth. Cherry Blossoms signify reliableness and perseverance whereas Pussy Willows signify new beginnings and wealth and is understood because the harbinger of spring. Pussy Willows, “yin liu” in Chinese that appears like “money flowing in” may be a plant which will be seen in most Chinese households adorned with gold ingots and red packets to draw in wealth and prosperity. Some families additionally send them as gifts once they visit friends throughout Chinese New Year.



Couplets ar abundantly historically important to the Chinese. they’re pairs of lines of poetry typically hand-written and seen glued on the perimeters of doors of Chinese homes or generally within the interior. These couplets ar usually written with gold or black ink on red paper and place up many days before Chinese New Year. historically, it had been how to assist youngsters find out how to write down Mandarin. However, these days, couplets ar place up as decorations to precise hopeful thoughts, aspirations and fate for the New Year.


Orange and Tangerines

It is nearly customary to possess oranges and tangerines throughout Chinese New Year; else it’ll not feel complete. Oranges, that appears like ‘gold’ in Yue dialect, symbolize wealth whereas tangerines symbolize sensible word because it appears like ‘good luck’ in Chinese. Thus, they’re symbols of verdant wealth and happiness. prescript says that one should bring a bag of oranges or tangerines once visiting family or friends throughout Chinese New Year. typically times, these tangerines ar given with their leaves intact to indicate a secure relationship between the giver and also the receiver. On a unique note, for newlyweds, the leaves represent the branching of the couple into beginning a family with several youngsters.


Dragon Dances

Dragons within the Western world ar referred to as mammoth, fire-breathing animals that steal princesses, eat folks and ruin their homes. This but isn’t true for the Chinese folks. To them, dragons ar legendary animals that ar useful and friendly. they’re celebrated to intimidate evil spirits, bring knowledge, good luck, wealth and prosperity.

Dragons ar celebrated to possess special options and powers that modify them to fly within the air, swim within the ocean and walk onto land. it’s the tradition of the dynasty folks to possess dragon dances which is why per annum throughout Chinese New Year one can see dragon dances being performed in homes, condominiums and even look fronts in searching malls.

The dragons utilized in Dragon dances ar made of fabric, control and raised by a pole and this dragon measures from many metres long up to 100 metres. it’s same that the longer the dragon, the luckier one are if touched by the dragon. typically there’ll be one man United Nations agency acts because the head; and because the head, he entices the Dragon by employing a pole and also the Dragon can follow him apparently sorting out knowledge.

Sometimes the dragon could contain animated options just like the blinking of the attention or the belching of smoke created by pyrotechnic devices. beside the creative dance team and also the accompaniment of pulsing music, the lifeless fabric-made dragon involves life.

Dragon dances ar performed throughout Chinese New Year to intimidate evil spirits and convey sensible luck and fortune for the approaching year and this will be done either within the daytime or at midnight. The patterns of the Dragon dance and colors of dragons vary in line with the ability of the team.

However, every dance pattern carry a which means and a few example of dance patterns ar “Threading Money”, “Looking For Pearl”, and “Whirlpool”. These patterns ar combined formation that involves running to spiralling so as to form the dragon’s body flip in a very wave-like motion, kind of like a true dragon.

Ang Pau Packets

Ang Paus, that ar very little red packets containing new cash, play a crucial half within the Chinese culture.

The origin of home reserve Paus dates back to the Song dynasty in Chang-Chieu, a village in China. A young orphan boy fought and defeated the evil dragon that was terrorizing the village at that point. All the villagers were delighted and thence, they conferred the young boy with associate home reserve Pau. Since then, home reserve Pau became a neighborhood of the Chinese tradition.

However being in such a multi-cultured country like Asian country, cultures are assimilated. each the Malays and Indians have accepted the home reserve Pau giving apply as a part of their cultural apply. The Malays typically offer inexperienced packets of a similar size of associate home reserve Pau however adorned with Muslim motifs throughout Hari Raya. The Indians, on the opposite hand, offer purple colored packets to youngsters throughout Deepavali.

Ang Paus, directly translated ar known as red packets. Now, why red and not black or gray? Red, to the Chinese, may be a color that represents prosperity and sensible luck. The Chinese additionally believe that it’s a color to intimidate evil spirits. Hence, most home reserve Paus ar red adorned with Chinese components and well desires like Chinese tangerines, gold pineapples, willows and dragons.

These home reserve Paus ar typically given by the married adults to young youngsters as a proof of continued prosperity. the quantity given isn’t such a giant deal as receiving home reserve Pau, whether or not little or massive sums, has forever been fun and exciting, particularly for young youngsters. However, it’s vital to notice that once giving associate home reserve Pau, it ought to be a red envelope and not white as cash place in white envelopes ar meant for funerals.

It is typically expected if not customary that home reserve Paus given out ar greenhorn, each the packet and also the cash within. Hence, used home reserve Pau packets ar typically recycled for decorations or some even throw them away. this is often additionally as a result of these packets ar wide accessible and low-cost. Most banks, division stores and major searching joints offer out free home reserve Pau packets many weeks before Chinese New Year. Sometimes, their styles ar a lot of nicer and additional vibrant than those we tend to purchase from bookstores or stationary retailers.

Ang Pau giving isn’t solely applyd throughout Chinese New Year; its convenience and usefulness has gotten the general public to practice a similar once giving a present throughout auspicious occasions like birthdays, weddings and anniversaries.

Travel and Events

You can expect traffic jams once traveling throughout the times simply before Chinese New Year’s Day. several ar heading from the large cities to the villages to celebrate New Year’s with family, and lots of others ar on their thanks to approaching celebrations. On New Year’s Day itself, however, the streets ar spookily silent. Businesses mostly close, and every one of the screeching celebrating goes on within personal homes wherever it can’t be detected.

If moving Asian country throughout Chinese New Year festivities, you may definitely realize several activities to require half in. 3 that you just might need to think about ar as follows:

Visit the island of Penang, the quantity one place to be for a Malaysian Chinese New Year. within the island’s main town, Georgetown, you’ll read various splendidly adorned temples, together with the far-famed holidaymaker magnet referred to as “Kek Lok Si Temple”. additionally check that you stay awake late into the night this point of year, as do several of the locals, to visualize Georgetown set aflame by various colored lights that ar turned on nightly.
See Chinatown in Malaysian capital. On Petaling Street, there ar several temples wherever the devout come back to hope for brand new Year’s blessings. There also are lion dances within the streets and fireworks going off overhead. additional lion dances are often seen within the searching malls near throughout the primary 3 days of Chinese New Year, and also the elaborate decorations within the mall also are well price seeing. several of the smaller retailers can close that the homeowners will visit their relatives for many days, however then, they’re going to be open in addition.
Get a style of journey by occurring the Kinabatangan stream Cruise within the East Malaysian province of North Borneo. this may definitely offer you a modification of pace and a few reminiscences that may last a lifespan. The stream winds through North Borneo for 335 miles, and every one on the approach, you’ll read the exotic life on its shores. throughout the daytime, seek for pygmy elephants, proboscis monkeys, and H2O crocs. At night, with the assistance of a lightweight, you will catch a glimpse of leopard cats, wild jungle pigs, and tropical birds asleep within the tree branches.
Visiting Asian country is usually a fun and fascinating expertise, however visiting throughout Chinese New Year makes it even additional unforgettable. Most states of Asian country give 2 official public holidays for the primary 2 days of Chinese New Year, but Kelantan and Terengganu solely give a vacation for the primary day

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